“Would you like to take a survey?” MAT Future Programming

dreamstimefree_2201436Hi folks!  Midnight Audio Theatre is thinking about making some changes to our special programming, in addition to the audio dramas we bring you every week.  But before we do anything, we want to know what you think!  If you want to get a sneak peek at what we have in mind, take our quick survey below.  It’s 15 questions long and mostly painless.  Your input is a huge help!

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Episode 157 – We’re Going to the Festival!

1352151639Hey MAT Fans! Tonight is another evening of 19 Nocturne and Our Fair City, but first we start things off with an announcement. MAT is breaking out of its sheltered studio world – from June 11-14th, we will be attending the HEAR Now: The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival in Kansas City. One of our past MAT Features, “The Hostage“, has been accepted into HEAR Now’s “Podcastpalozza” and we’ll have the chance to talk about the production at the Podcaster’s Round Table. If you happen to be in the Kansas City area or are already planning on attending, definitely stop by and take a gander at all this audio storytelling festival has to offer! And if you can’t, we’ll be recording our escapades at the festival for you to hear after.

19nb - lost hearts - 700px - high168695_137455722982172_899573_nAs for tonight’s selections, we bring you another story from our friends at 19 Nocturne Boulevard, entitled, “Lost Hearts“. But before we do that, we have more of Our Fair City, Season 3, with Episodes 11 and 12 – “Unseen/Undead” and “The Captain’s Pod”.  Happy listening!

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Episode 156 – A Street and a City

19nb_julies stitch_final168695_137455722982172_899573_nTonight’s a night for some listener requests! We had a listener mention their love for 19 Nocturne Boulevard‘s stories, so for the next two weeks we’re bringing them back for you! This evening we have their spooky tale of “A Stitch in Time“. But before that, it’s another visit to Hartlife with Episodes 9 and 10 from Season 3 of Our Fair City – “A Break For Coffee” and “In The Cage”. With all these great stories we’re running to the very end of the hour, so hang on to your ears!

And since we won’t have a chance to remind you at the end, don’t forget you can find more episodes from both production groups by visiting their websites: and Happy listening!

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Episode 155 – Our Fair Space Girl

168695_137455722982172_899573_nSpaceGirlTonight, our good friends at Great Northern Audio Theatre and Hartlife are back once again, though it is the last night you’ll be hearing this duo back-to-back.  It’s the last Great Northern audio story that we have to share with you on MAT for now.  If you’ve been enjoying their tales, you should definitely check out their website at for more entertainment.  We’ll have another production group to take their place next week, but you’ll have to tune in to find out who!

This episode, we start off with the Great Northern Audio’s “Space Girl: Downloading the Legacy“, the story of a superhero’s challenges in life 40 years after she started her hero career.  After that, we follow Nathan Rourke in and out of the Old Tunnel as we hear Episodes 7 and 8 of Our Fair City, Season 3, from Hartlife Productions.  From underground to outerspace, it should be a fun evening of audio drama!


And an extra shout-out to everyone who donated during the fund-drive for our parent station, WCBE 90.5 FM Columbus.  Without them we wouldn’t have a show to bring you audio drama on the airwaves.  Thank you so much!

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Episode 154 – Learning the Curves of the City

LearningCurve2168695_137455722982172_899573_nHello, listeners!  It’s another lovely midnight for some audio theatre.  I’m happy to report that our friends at Great Northern Audio Theatre and HartLife are back once again.  We start things off with “The Learning Curve, or The Rise of Francis” – when politicians try to jump-start the economy through some unusual means and create a host of new bizarre problems.  After that, we catch up with Nathan Rourke and Neal Henderson in two more installments as they travel through Our Fair City, Season 3, in “The Incidence of Accidents” and “Stormhawks at the Diner”.  There are a lot of twists and turns tonight, and we hope you’ll join us as we navigate them all – it should be a fun listen!

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Episode 153 – Concerning Dirigibles and Mole People

168695_137455722982172_899573_nDirigibleWell hello again, audio drama fans!  If you tuned in last week, we were in a rush to bring you two stories from Great Northern Audio Theatre and HartLife.  Well, they’re back again tonight with more fantastic stories to share with you all.  Once again we start things off with our new friends at Great Northern Audio and their topsy-turvy dreaming tale, “Thwack That Dirigible, or Do You Want Fries With That?”  After that, we continue to follow the trail of Neal Henderson and Loamy as they return to Sector Alpha of Our Fair City, along with a certain undead investigator and her cohort – that’s all in Episodes 3 and 4 of “Our Fair City“, Season 3 – “Butterclaws” and “Self-Help for Dummies”.

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Episode 152 – Villains Parading Through Our Fair City

168695_137455722982172_899573_nVillainsHello again, audio drama fans!  This show, we have some new and old friends sharing their stories with us.  First, we welcome Great Northern Audio Theatre as we kick off the evening with a tale of supervillany with a comedic twist in “Villains on Parade“.  After that, we return to the enigmatic world of Hartlife as they entertain us with Episodes 1 and 2 of “Our Fair City” Season 3 – “Neal Henderson in the Wilderness” and “Fealty Frailty”.  And this show is so full of audio drama that you barely have to hear me talk! It’s a win-win!  I know, I know, I love you too.

Don’t forget, if you have questions or thoughts about the show or just want to reach out, send us a line at  We’re always happy to hear from you!


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